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Discuss your vision, your needs and budget with Wonderland Construction . Wonderland completes site assessment of your building site. This is an exploratory stage where we will look at pictures, designs and talk about general cost parameters. It is a learning phase for us which would enable us to create something wonderful for you.

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Project Management

​Feasibility Report


Feasibility studies reflect a project's unique goals and needs, so each is different:

  1. Get feedback about the new concept from the appropriate stakeholders

  2. Analyze and ask questions about your data to make sure that it's solid

  3. Conduct a market survey or market research to enhance data collection

  4. Write an organizational, operational, or a business plan

  5. Prepare a projected income statement

  6. Prepare an opening day balance sheet

  7. Make an initial "go" or "no-go" decision about moving ahead with the plan

​Resource Consent

Essentially, Resource Consent applies to work you intend to do on the land (which may include building if it falls outside the District Plan and allowable Building Envelope)

  • Infringements on residential, commercial and rural sites.

  • Subdivision, Building and Development within Ecological, Heritage and Protected Areas, and

  • Large Scale Subdivision, Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Rural Development.

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After the contract is signed, we will assign a project manager for your decoration, who will form the most suitable decoration team for you. He plans each stage, orders materials, and makes sure to provide you with a project schedule. We will upload this information to the APP in real time, and you can check the progress of the project at any time. The project manager will supervise the entire project and regularly report the progress of the renovation to you. If you do change the decoration specifications, all you have to do is tell the project manager and he will take care of the rest.

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Practical completion and code of compliance submitted to Council. Together with you we do a complete walk through to ensure you are 100% happy with everything before hand over. We hand over the keys!

Building Consent

You need to get a building consent before doing almost any building work except for that listed in Schedule1: Exempt Work here.

You can apply yourself, but your application must comply with the Building Code and you must provide all the necessary documentation – and there’s a lot!

However, we can do this on your behalf, and we have placed put a few applications in which will mean we know all the items needed 

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Wonderland’s core strength is having experts in so many disciplines under one roof, making sure the project is handled with care through every step

✓ Land development advice

✓ Feasibility report



From the initial plans to the final inspection in the end, Wonderland provides an incredible service.

✓ Full Contract

✓ Labor Only Contract

✓ Online time-to-time project tracking

✓ Scheduling



Wonderland does not just subcontract all work out, our experienced technical staff and licensed builders (LBPs) including carpenter team, plumber, foundation team and landscapers can be called upon from wide group employee base.

✓ 10-Year Master Build Guarantee

✓ LBP licensed

✓ Site Safe Membership

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